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Meet the Track Performance Squad: Don Milesh

Updated: May 27, 2019

He doesn't really need an introduction but here he is. Sri Lanka's fastest sprinter and everyone's favourite team member. He brings it all to the table: expert bike mechanic (once he even changed an inner tube whilst on the rollers), top warm up tunes (did someone say Moana) and all round good banter.

1. How long have you been cycling for?

Since birth. I came out on a bike apparently.

2. How did you get into track cycling?

Watched a Graeme Obree documentary and saw how awesome Sir Chris Hoy was and wanted to be like him.

3. Favourite piece of kit?

My leopard print skin suit

The Leopard print skinsuit in all its glory

4. Biggest achievement?

Not falling off my bike.

5. Goals for this track season?

Not falling off my bike.

6. Fun fact.I like to go rowing some times. If I can't fix your bike, it's probably time you got a new bike.