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Meet the Track Performance Squad: Ollie Hucks

Our kit (or is it lit) sec has shown his worth having a monster of a road season this year making huge gains in both time trials and road racing. He is now ready to kill it this track season.

1. How long have you been cycling for?

Since I was about 4, competitively for about 4 years and on the track for about 4 months!

2. How did you get into track?

Did the Uni engage sessions last year then got addicted and thought I’d get involved competitively this year.

3. Favourite piece of kit?

Custom Arm Rests my bro made by bending some acrylic 👌

4. Biggest achievement?

19:07 for 10Miles

5. Goals for this track season?

Get in the final in TP then go full whack for the top step. Put in a respectable time in any other events.

6. Fun fact: Co-Founder of the Dunkirk Performance centre (responsible for Gill becoming an absolute weapon)