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Race Report: Go Tri Duathlon

What's that we have to RUN TWICE? Today a few of our members took a trip over to the dark side to take part in UoN Tri's Go Tri Duathlon over at the farm that is Sutton Bonington campus.

Here is our ladies captain, Laura's race report:

Run 1:

Despite everyone sprinting off keenly I tried to keep a consistent pace, trying to keep my housemate in sight and save my legs for the bike. 2.5km later and the run was over without any mishaps. Shout out to all the marshals for their much needed encouragement!


Made the decision not to waste time changing shoes in transition so got off on the bike fairly quickly, this was a fairly good decision but my wet trainers did slip off my pedals a few times. So I got on to my bike, on to my aero bars and into my rhythm. I absolutely loved the bike and moved up the field fairly quickly and (most importantly) got the QOM on the segment.

Run 2:

My legs were feeling it from the bike but I powered on. 1km in I overtook one girl and was thrilled to find myself in 3rd place. Unfortunately running is not my strong suit so later on, 4 skinny runners overtook me and I finished in 7th. Once I was able to get my breath back I am still very proud of how far I've come since 1st year where I was pretty much dead last, despite barely running for 2 years now.

Excited for more multi-sports madness later this year!