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Race Report: Pete Taylor Memorial. Not quite the Mapei....

On Gareth’s Birthday (9th June) 3 of your finest boizz made a trip (not the detonate kind wiseboi made) to a northern favela, know as Hull locally.

Plan of attack was, full send followed by “the Mapei”. An optimistic prospect, but with the legacy of @wiselgurnage deep in our hearts and AnnGarry delivering upgrades (6-9w), morale was reet aero (just like ya bois).

Hucks fuelled off nothing but gluten and dairy had bare gas up the first climb, then the race got deneutralised. He slipped straight into the DM’s of an early move, but was aired as per (if uno uno)....all the bois were then back together. Then straight out of the play[boy]book, Gill launched a fatty down the right gutter, swiftly followed by another outrageous whopper on the left side (exams have taken their toll on young Sebbie). Hucks rallied after his earlier intolerance to foodstuffs and slipped onto the back of the ‘vegan friendly’ “Moove” of 5.

The group of 5 worked like a dream for the next 2 hours establishing a 3 minute lead over the next group on the road.... CARAZAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!! (Kudos to potato boi). We slipped straight under the flame rouge and onto the climb where the gradient led to an almighty park. The Mapei was well and truly on! Garry thought it was fantastic idea to sprint in his little plate, textbook use of his tiny head. Recently established crit basher Hucks tried to go toe to toe with Crit boi himself Gill. Lad got mugged right off, crime reference number 6969. Meanwhile some yute from PB performance had other ideas. This bloke was the biggest party pooper we’ve ever met! He ruined Garry’s Birthday and ruined OUR Mapei! Garry loves getting yeeted to kingdom KOM by PB Performance.

A valiant effort by all resulted in a 2nd (Gaz)3rd(Gill) 4th(Hucks) finish, loadsa monies and Hucks still left on read (if uno^2).

Thank you for reading about this verified Full Send

Glossary: Mapei: A 123 from the bois “The Moove”: a dance move performed regularly in races often involving

Shoutout to the 5 cinnamon bagels for getting us round.