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Race Report: Thundercrit

Crit racing on fixed gears with no brakes? After a year and a half of cycling? In windy and hailing conditions? Yes please says new Engage Captain Josie!

Here's her race report:

In the qualification I had too light a gear on and couldn’t keep up with the other girls on the downhill, coming second to last which put my in the B final. Not disappointed because I wouldn’t last a lap in the A final!

About 10 of went into the B final and it felt very relaxed, everyone was just there to give it a go. With a heavier gear on I managed to keep near the front and after an attack I managed to get away with two other girls (including my friend Abbie from Thanet RC). We stayed together until the final lap where it was a sprint and I managed to come second!

It was such a fun race and it was nice to be able to race with other people and not just be stuck at the back! I just wish there were more fixed crit races as it’s such a brilliant atmosphere.